View From An In-House Talent Acquisition Specialist
John Cassidy

View From An In-House Talent Acquisition Specialist

We were delighted to have the chance to talk with Ashley Busby, Senior Recruiter at Beyond Trust, about why talent acquisition professionals work with recruiters and what they expect from companies like TALTRAN Global.  An in-house recruitment background with Microsoft and Checkpoint make her a good judge of the benefits.  We were recently able to find Beyond Trust a Group Financial Controller.

She told us that bringing in external expertise is one way of “getting hiring managers the attention they need” whether that’s because of the need to find specialists or because the in-house team has limited resources and action is needed quickly.  They might use an agency which is strong in a particular part of the country or because, like TALTRAN Global, they have particular insights that can help deliver top candidates in a specific discipline. After that it’s important that the recruiter can move quickly to source and attract the right potential employees.

Ashley was clear that she’s looking for a “win, win, win” between the hiring manager, the recruiter and the talent acquisition team.  That’s one of the reasons that she involves the hiring manager in discussions with the recruiter to define the role, while ensuring that the “high priority” Beyond Trust attaches to cultural fit is understood.  It’s a strategy which helps ensure that the recruiter knows what Beyond Trust is looking for and doesn’t waste time by sending “mediocre candidates”.

TALTRAN Global has always believed that clients place a high value on responsiveness, so it was good to hear that Ashley felt we were “very reachable”, “stayed on top of everything” and were “great to talk to”.  But there was valuable insight for us in understanding that it was important that we “didn’t get possessive over the candidate” and offered a “seamless process” throughout the engagement.  We work best when we’re seen as an extension of the in-house team and find that an integrated approach helps secure the best recruits.

Best of all we were pleased to hear that Ashley wouldn’t hesitate to work with TALTRAN Global in the future.  It’s the biggest compliment that a client can give, and we have mutual regard for the professionalism she brought to achieving a great outcome.  Thanks for everything, Ashley.