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Our business is founded on a belief that candidates should be given respect, support and honest feedback when making career decisions.  We aim to help each candidate find a job where they make an immediate and positive impact but have scope for personal and professional growth.  Our approach is based on our personal experiences, supplemented by powerful search tools and driven by the desire to make a placement which transforms both the individual and the company.

What candidates can expect from us

What candidates can expect from us

The Forbes Human Resources Council noted that trust is not earned – it is given. At TALTRAN we have all been on the receiving end of poor recruiters. So, we take candidates who give us their trust very seriously and try to make our process simple, transparent and responsive.

We listen carefully to your aspirations and needs to make sure we can give good advice and guidance.

We give feedback early and often so that you can understand what is happening in the process.

We respect the time and effort you are putting into searching for a job and try to fit into your schedule as much as possible.

We don’t shirk our responsibility to be honest and comprehensive in explaining when things don’t work out.

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Becoming the ideal candidate

Finance professionals can no longer just rely on the numbers. They have to be fluent in the non-financial data to truly understand the business and drive decisions. At the same time technological advances such as automation, cloud computing and data analytics are supplementing and replacing many “traditional” accounting and finance roles.

As finance departments develop, “value add” senior leaders must be as comfortable with visualization suites, statistics, predictive analytic algorithms and behavioral pattern recognition programs as they are with income statements, cashflows and balance sheets.  When they are considering their next role they prepare well and look for opportunity and growth as much as immediate rewards.

If this sounds like you then please get in contact as we continue to build our network of rising stars and next generation finance executives.

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