The TALTRAN Global Story

TALTRAN Global was founded in 2019 and has grown at a CAGR of 85%. It has worked with an increasing number of businesses each year while building a strong base of clients with multi-year strategic recruitment plans. The transferable skills of finance professionals has enabled TALTRAN to successfully work across an increasing number of sectors.
There remains a powerful commitment to the core philosophy that led to the foundation of the business. It is a company filled with thoughtful, focused people who find a better way of working with clients and candidates to achieve the best solutions. We are pleased to work with many good businesses and the people who make them equally special.
I’d always thought that one of the unspoken benefits of career progression was that being head-hunted into mission critical, senior roles came with better care and attention from the recruiter. I was wrong. But that was the starting point for TALTRAN Global.

Being kept waiting for an hour, with no apologies or explanation, before an interview for a Chief Finance Officer role was an eye-opener.  Being subjected to interviewers who were poorly prepared and unclear about the role was further confirmation that financial recruitment was not responding to changing times and expectations.  Travelling home in the rush-hour on a crowded, hot commuter train gave me plenty of time to consider how both candidates and companies were being poorly served.

My experience, as a candidate and as the Finance lead in various organizations, has been that recruitment in the sector is a production line characterized by misrepresentation, incompetence and a lack of knowledge. Candidates are real people with hopes, anxieties and busy lives but, until employment markets get tight, they are often treated with casual disregard. Company finance leaders are under serious pressure and have become too used to living with inappropriate candidates, lengthy delays and inexperienced recruiters.

My first day as Quotacom’s Global VP Finance was an energizing and inspiring experience.  It’s a technology sector recruitment agency that gets worked up about quality service to clients and candidates.  No corners are cut and no effort is spared to sharpen the brief and be clear about the role.  Companies are treated as partners and recognize their role in appointing the right people.  Searches for the best candidates are exhaustive, innovative, and executed efficiently.  Candidates are treated with respect and fully understand their responsibility to prepare properly.  Repeat business is high because Quotacom is valued as an adviser and confidant to get the right person in the right job.

Watching a business excel in the competitive world of technology recruitment was transformative.  It’s a tough business where good candidates are highly-prized, talent is in short-supply, and companies are aggressive in hiring and retaining the best people.  At the heart of Quotacom’s success are thoughtful, focused people who find a better way of working with clients and candidates to achieve the best solutions.  That’s what I realized could and should be delivered in the finance recruitment sector and was the basis for founding TALTRAN Global.

John Cassidy

President and Co-Founder

Meet the TALTRAN Global Team

Our team brings knowledge, breadth and ingenuity to providing solutions to the needs of clients while recognizing and respecting the individuality of candidates. We believe in hiring for attitude and training for excellence but also maintain a core of experience with colleagues who have run finance departments. It’s a winning combination of industry insight, recruitment smarts, energy and will to succeed.

John Cassidy

President and Co-Founder

The Vision: Preparing Finance Organizations for the Digital Revolution!

Values: I’ve always been a firm believer that if you get the right people, the rest will follow.  Most search firms have limited operational experience in the fields where they recruit. This is where TALTRAN Global’s point of difference lies: to truly help a finance organization optimize its resourcing in a period of technological disruption and manual process displacement, one must both optimize cutting edge executive search methods as well as know how to position a finance organization for current and future success. We have the executive finance experience to ensure optimal outcomes for your organization.

Experience: John has 17 years of domestic and international financial experience. He earned a European CPA through a combined degree program with Oxford Brookes University, and he spent the first half of his career working in audit/assurance and consulting. Over the past 8 years, John has held Director, Vice-President and Group Controller positions. He currently serves as Finance Director of the Quotacom group, of which TALTRAN Global is a part. John has a proven track record of leading and assisting a variety of companies from startup through medium-sized, equity-backed organizations navigate hyper growth phases from people, process and technology perspectives.

    John Taylor

    SVP Client Development and Strategy and Co- Founder

    Values: Finance will see a significant impact from digital transformation over the next 10 years, with many traditional and manual processes rendered obsolete. This will create the need for a new breed of finance professional that will hold the power of data at their fingertips: new finance superstars. TALTRAN Global will provide this talent the opportunity to connect with forward-thinking companies in order to redefine the modern finance department. Having lead the global expansion of Quotacom over the past four years in partnership with visionary blue-chip companies, I’m excited to be taking digital transformation one step further and offering a finance specific solution.

    Experience: With a recruitment career spanning over a decade, John has a wealth of experience. He recruits across the digital space, with a specific focus on the data driven market place: Decision Science, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, IOT and Cloud, helping a diverse range of international clients to identify, engage, measure and secure the best possible candidates for their business. John has completed searches for hundreds of clients across the globe and maintained longstanding relationships with thought leaders across digital transformation. Over the last four years, John has led the global expansion of Quotacom, now positioned as one of the leading executive search and consulting services business within the area of Digital Transformation and a trusted partner of some of the world’s most recognizable enterprises.

      Kate Strong

      Business Consultant

      Kate brings over 10 years’ experience in sales and business development, having held senior national management positions for some of the largest international travel companies. Through her previous roles and extensive travel, Kate was able to grasp a strong understanding of how diverse markets operate and the cultural complexities and barriers which can challenge individuals and multinational corporations. Kate has thrived in developing new business in addition to managing several key accounts.

      At TALTRAN Global, Kate works with financial thought leaders to identify skillset gaps on their teams and furnish candidates who provide commercial insight. Her dedication and determination has enabled her to maintain long term working relationships with both clients and candidates. As a result, she has been able to consistently deliver excellent results whilst exceeding the needs of her customers.

        Nikko Sanchez

        Senior Delivery Consultant

        Nikko has been responsible for delivering bespoke contracts, employee onboarding and optimizing interdepartmental operations with organizations as diverse as global higher education and restaurants.  His extensive experience of project management and executive administration ensures that TALTRAN Global’s operation maintains the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness.  He also brings additional bilingual support to the business.

        Nikko is focused on adding value by creating and maintaining a framework of exemplary support for colleagues, clients and candidates.  His previous work in high growth, complex businesses focused on customer service and tight financial disciplines has developed a powerful commitment to finding practical solutions that deliver exceptional outcomes.

          Vannessa Fravel

          Office Manager

          Vannessa plays a key role in ensuring that the TALTRAN Global office operates effectively so that the team can focus on meeting the needs of clients and candidates. She also plays a supporting role for colleagues as they search for top talent and build deep and effective relationships with clients. Through  maintaining efficient systems, processes and a high-quality workplace environment she ensures that we are able to meet deadlines and provide outstanding service.

          Her career included roles in administration, travel management, facilities oversight and company  events before becoming an HR Business Partner. This breadth of experience gives her good insights into the needs of clients as well as a wide range of capabilities to provide assistance to the team. Truly a colleague for all occasions and an accomplished professional in her field of expertise.

            Sebastian Perez

            Business Development Associate

            Sebastian is an invaluable member of our team at Taltran Global, specializing in market research and client relationship management. With his exceptional skills in identifying potential clients and conducting thorough analysis, Sebastian delivers valuable insights that drive our business growth. He is dedicated to building strong client relationships, ensuring that our clients feel supported and understood throughout their journey with us. Sebastian’s experience with the Student International Business Council (SIBC) has equipped him with the necessary skills to excel in the business world, including international exposure and expertise in various industries. With his ability to blend interpersonal skills and analytical prowess, Sebastian provides tailored solutions and exceptional service to our clients. We are proud to have Sebastian on our team, and you can reach out to him today to experience his expertise, commitment, and personalized service firsthand

              Karla Cruz

              Senior Account Manager

              With a background in finance and accounting, I graduated from Suffolk University in Boston, MA, with a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship. Later, I pursued my Master’s degree in Finance from Tulane University.

              I worked in the finance industry for several years before transitioning to recruitment when I was given the opportunity to join Taltran Global. As the first hire in North America, I held the role of a Recruitment Consultant. I had the opportunity of supporting the business during the COVID-19 and later be part of the company’s growth, which led to my promotion to Senior Consultant. During this time, I excelled in identifying exceptional finance talent and helping candidates in their transition to their next professional “homes”.

              After three years focusing on finance and accounting positions, I was presented with the opportunity to transition into the renewable energy sector as an Account Manager for global recruitment agency LHi//Piper Maddox. In this role, I was the first hire within the Key Accounts team in Los Angeles. I engaged new accounts and effectively managed key established clients, assisting these in some cases with multiple hires. During this period, I expanded my knowledge about the industry, successfully placing candidates in the Finance, Structured Finance, and Legal sectors and also continued developing professionally.

              I am thrilled to rejoin Taltran Global as a Senior Account Manager. My finance background and dynamic personality allows me to build strong relationships, and I look forward to support both existing and new clients, becoming a trusted partner making a positive impact both within Taltran and beyond.

                Kyle Burkhardt

                Recruitment Manager

                What I Do for TALTRAN

                Recruit talent – manage successful delivery of the best Finance and Accounting talent to Taltran’s network of clients

                Career History

                Ten years of agency recruitment experience with Kineticom, focused on the wireless and telecommunication industry. Experience from Technical Recruiter to Recruiting Manager, building and managing recruitment teams. Recently worked as a Sr Manager, Talent Acquisition for a non-profit medical discovery institute, improving the talent acquisition process and working with hiring managers to understand and deliver against their hiring needs

                Skills, Abilities, and Attitudes

                Motivated recruitment professional with a proven track record of placing hard to find candidates with an emphasis on speed to delivery and providing a smooth, painless experience for both candidates and clients.